Don Kirkes
P.O. Box 261
Talihina, OK 74571
Ranch (918) 563-4394
Cell (918) 465-7830

Welcome to Kirkes Black Angus Ranch

Welcome to the Kirkes Black Angus Ranch web site. Thank you for taking a moment to view our program. Kirkes Black Angus Ranch (K BAR) is home to some of the finest in genetics that the Angus Breed has to offer. Home of K BAR Progress 2972 the # 1 marbling female in the entire Angus Breed and the only female in the top 100 $B females in the breed with a -1.0 BW EPD. 2972 is a powerful deep and thick female that is destined to produce some of the finest animals the breed has seen.

The dam of 2972 GAR Retail Product 846 still resides at the ranch and continues to produce animals with genomic profiles beyond belief. Other breed greats such as GAR 1407 New Design 652 have resided at our ranch. Mark Gardiner considers 652 to be one of the greatest cows to ever leave Gardiner Angus Ranch.

We strive to breed a balanced animal with phenotypic genetics we all desire and balanced epd profiles to bring the most in quality and value to the beef business. Take a look at our donor page and take into consideration the relevance of female’s with epd profiles that are unmatched within the Angus data base of animals.

K BAR has bulls and females available for your consideration year round. We have a large inventory of embryos available of both current genetics and genetics that got us to where our breeding program is today. If you are looking for a powerful donor female with breed leading genetics any of our donors are available and can be purchased throughout the year.

Make the phone call today to put your breeding program on course to produce some of the most profitable cattle possible in the beef industry!