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P.O. Box 261
Talihina, OK 74571
Ranch (918) 563-4394
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10th Annual Production Sale

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Talihina, Oklahoma

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Welcome to Kirkes Black Angus Ranch

Welcome to the Kirkes Black Angus Ranch web site. We are a family owned and run registered Angus operation that is 100% Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplant. K BAR is the home of the # 1 marbling dam in the breed K BAR Progress 2972 and her dam, GAR Retail Product 846, and many other special donors like GAR Objective 2177 just to name a few.

Cattle prices are strong and the outlook for the industry is positive still for many years to come. Calf prices have currently backed off all time highs a little, but a high quality Angus steer will still produce many times the value of just 4-5 years ago.

A customer recently told me of selling his fall 2014 steers born in October, he sold in August of 2015, he reported that it was the first time he had sold at OKC National Stockyards and his entire crop of steers sold as one group. The consistency of the K BAR sired steers was astounding. The group weighed 983 and sold for $2.045 per pound. To state it lightly he was quite astounded. I would say the complete performance of K BAR bulls is working quite well!

As you view the sale offering there are many animals with combinations of performance epds that are unmatched within the Angus breed. This is no accident it is the result of 17 years of selective breeding for low birth weight exceptional growth along with superior carcass traits in a moderate frame functional package.

K BAR bulls and females will work for you and make you money. These bulls have been placed all across the country with excellent results. This is a breed leading purebred operation that doesn't come with all the fluff of many operations of this caliber. These cattle are raised and produced just as we produced commercial cattle for many decades.

Make plans today to attend the 10th Kirkes Black Angus Ranch Production Sale. If you are unable to attend and would like to leave a proxy bid with me just give me a call and I will get you registered and your bid will be handled just as if it were my own. There were bulls bought last year with proxy bids in the $6000 range that had bids left on them for up to $15,000. Many females sold on proxy bids well below their maximum bid as well. We are looking for lifelong friends and customers not just the quick buck!

Thank you and we hope to see you at our 10th Annual Production Sale.